Cigar Rollers Long Island

Cigar Rollers Long Island provides cigar rolling demonstrations for any kind of event, from award presentations to celebrating a new victory. Upscale events are produced throughout Nassau and Suffolk for corporate, weddings, golf outings and trade shows.

Long Island Cigar Events

Cigar Rollers for Long Island events add a touch-of-class to any event, large or small, by offering cigar rolling demonstrations. Whether you are having an event on a boat touring the Hamptons, hosting a nice party on Fire Island’s Ocean Beach, or announcing big news at a bar in Glen Head, Cigar Rollers for Long Island events can satisfy you and your guests’ desire for cigars

Cigar Servers

Cigar servers attending Long Island events add a flattering image to the cigar serving portion of those events. Cigar servers arrive with modest evening attire. Cigar hosts, which are our male servers, are sure to look sharp in casual evening menswear.Cigar servers and Cigar hosts put your guests at ease since they do the walking around and offer the cigars then your guests do not have to go search for a cigar themselves.

Premium Tobacco

Cigar Rollers Long Island delivers handcrafted, flavorful, imported Dominican cigars at all our events. Imported from the Dominican Republic, our premium cigars are rolled with premium tobacco. Your guests will certainly savor the rich flavor and aroma watch the cigar rolling demonstration.