Cigar Rollers Long Island provides cigar rolling demonstrations for any kind of event, from award presentations to celebrating a new victory. Upscale events are produced throughout Nassau and Suffolk for corporate, weddings, golf outings and trade shows. We give a premium cigar rolling service that will give your guests and experience that will make you the star when the party is over. Your guests will have the opportunity of watching an authentic cigar roller that is truly an artisan of the craft. Cigar Rollers throughout Long Island will help you add that bit of flair you want to your party.

Our cigar rollers are New York residents and live in the cities we service. These Dominican cigar rollers are very skilled when it comes to cigar rolling with an average of 8 years’ experience with the company. These cigar rollers are masters at the craft whether you are noting their hands-on work or interacting with guests to give more insight to the cigar culture. We encourage you & your guests to ask them questions about cigars; about the tobacco used within the cigars they roll or about the best way to light a cigar. They will surely provide a fun, interactive, and memorable experience at your event.

Our cigar rollers are articulate performers. They are talented, personable people that you would like to have at your event as they entertain your guests with some of the best cigars you & your guests of aficionados have ever tried. Your guests will become very informed about cigars during your event. Cigar Rollers Long Island provides a quality experience and a quality product. Cigar Rollers Long Island is in high demand.

You will look forward to having Cigar Rollers as an addition to your Long Island event.