Long Island Cigar Rolling Pricing

We coordinate cigar events with a Public Relations agenda, not a sales agenda. In other words, we are seeking to expose our brand to new, potential customers of our cigars. With this objective, we are not seeking to sell typical cigars that most brides and event planners are used to. Rather, we are looking to get our cigars exposed by using fun features that will enhance your special evening while guests experience our premium brand. Casinos are cigar clients of ours for many years now and you too can enjoy the service we have given them.

Pricing is related to the date, guest count, and type of event features that your cigar package will involve. Each inquiry is custom created, there is no templated pricing. Cigars should be planned uniquely for your event and not treated as a “vendor” with a price schedule. The quality of presentation, being on time, excellent people skills, having a “good look” for your lifetime photos are all strong considerations when we coordinate cigar events for our clients

The quality of the cigars are guaranteed as we are a brand and the cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic which is the standard for any premium cigar brand, the cigars are not made in New York state or the United States. True Connecticut Shade wrapper surrounding Dominican Ligero blend filler is what makes the quality unsurpassed by anyone for a mild cigar that your guests can enjoy without being too strong or harsh which is common for local level cigars.
[ Contact us ]( https://longislandcigarrollers.com/contact-us-long-island-cigar-rollers/) with the form to give us the date, guest count and we will have a customized answer for you by the next business morning at the latest (sometimes same day).