Long Island Cigar Servers

Cigar Servers
Cigar servers attending Long Island events add a flattering image to the cigar serving portion of those events. Cigar servers arrive with modest evening attire. Cigar hosts, which are our male servers, are sure to look sharp in casual evening menswear. During your event, cigar servers navigate the room with cigars on their trays. Cigar servers converse and entertain your guests. Cigar servers and Cigar hosts put your guests at ease since they do the walking around and offer the cigars then your guests do not have to go search for a cigar themselves. Cigar Servers work best at huge events, making their service convenient for everyone.

Cigar servers represent our brand well and represent your event well too. Cigar servers are a helpful feature to your guests’ cigar smoking experience. The cigar servers are polite, well-informed on the cigar products, speak well, and have good etiquette. Cigar servers or Cigar hosts can cut and light cigars, answer questions about the products, and interact with your guests on many different levels.

Cigar servers or cigar hosts are an added other kind of entertainment within events. Cigar servers add ambiance to the room. Cigar Servers are best suited for large events. It is as fascinating as it sounds, so add a cigar server to your package!