Long Island Premium Cigars

Cigar Rollers Long Island delivers handcrafted, flavorful, imported Dominican cigars at all our events. Imported from the Dominican Republic, our premium cigars are rolled with premium tobacco. Your guests will certainly savor the rich flavor and aroma watch the cigar rolling demonstration.

We provide various cigars for your guests to smoke; by wrapper leaves, tobacco blends, and cigar sizes. Guests can enjoy up to an hour of cigar smoking pleasure. For those who want to smoke lightly, there are smaller milder cigars such as a 5.5 inch Robusto. Churchill cigars will smoke typically 45 min. to an hour while the Robustos will smoke for about 30 to 40 minutes. Either way, your guests will indulge in enjoying the rich flavor handcrafted by masters of the trade right before their very eyes.

We have cigar event planners on standby and ready to help you pick out customized cigar flavors & cigar sizes that are the best fit for your guests. Fill out our contact form with as many details as possible.